How To Prepare Your Property for a Professional Painting

One of the best ways to revitalize an old house, hide imperfections, or completely change the “feel” of a room, is to have the place repainted by a reliable painting contractor. A professional paint job not only makes a property more pleasant to be in, it also raises its value and ensures that the work is done using safe and durable paints and equipment.

However, what often goes unmentioned when discussing the services provided by painting contractors are the preparations the client needs to make before the contractors arrive. Without these preparations, work may get delayed or suffer other unnecessary complications. 

In the following guide, we’ll give you a few tried-and-true tips on how to prep your residential or commercial property for a professional paint job. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out directly to a professional painting contractor by following this link

Prepare your place for a painting by doing the following:

Move the furniture

The painters need to have easy access to the walls or ceilings they’re supposed to paint, so you should move any furniture that may block access to these surfaces out of the way. The easiest way to do this is to simply put the furniture at the center of the room, or temporarily relocate it to a different area. This also includes wall hangings such as paintings, clocks, and similar items. 

If you’re doing exterior work, take the time to trim back the landscaping that may interfere with the painting. Also, check whether the water spigots and the exterior electrical power outlets are working properly, as these may be necessary during the painting. 

Remove switch plates and outlet covers

Switch plates and outlet covers are typically made of hard plastic, so any stains will be extremely hard to remove. In order to avoid having to buy new ones, you should remove the switch plates and outlet covers, and then put them back on after the project has been completed. 

Clean the walls and/or ceilings

Always clean the surfaces you want painted. This will remove any dust and dirt that would otherwise get stuck under the new layer of paint and cause it to look rough and uneven. The last thing you want is for your expensive new paint job to look like it was applied to sandpaper. 

Make arrangements for your pets

Ask a friend or a family member to take care of your pets for the duration of the painting project, or keep them in a separate room. This will prevent them from interfering with the work, or damaging the fresh paint by jumping or rubbing themselves against it. 

Make some room

Painters use all kinds of tools and supplies. In addition to cans of paint, they also need ladders, plastic sheets, various brushes, drop cloths, paint rollers, and more. Setting aside an area where they can store these items will save time and make life easier for everyone involved. 

Warn your neighbors

You should let your neighbors know if you’re planning to paint the exterior of your house. This is a neighborly thing to do, and it also gives them the time to take precautions to prevent dust from getting into their homes. 

Why is it the client’s job to prepare the property?

Short answer: because that way is better for everyone involved. Long answer: painting contractors are there to provide a top-notch paint job and supply a post-construction clean up afterward. Asking them to move furniture around is not only not what they were hired for, they may also not want to risk accidentally damaging your belongings. 

The best way to avoid these problems and ensure your project goes off without a hitch is to make all the necessary preparations yourself.