Mindset Of An Entrepreneur Vs Employee

Jay Warren May 14, 2013

The entrepreneur mind is an amazing thing. The way that we make decisions works a little bit differently than an employee. In this post I’m gonna share with you the mindset of an entrepreneur and how make their decisions.

Mindset Of An Entrepreneur Vs Employee

mindset-of-an-entrepreneurThere are so many people who lack entrepreneur intelligence when is come to making a decision. Well why is that you maybe asking? The way of think between the two is vastly different. For example this is the mindset of an entrepreneur. When looking to get into a business or investing in their current business what entrepreneurs do is look at the opportunity. What an entrepreneur will do is invest money, whether it be in a small tool or even a network marketing company and look to the future and see how they can get a return on their investment. What an employee will do is look the cost, expenses, risks and ongoing costs and risks.

So an employee mindset when presented with a network marketing company they need to make money but when they see a cost their are surprised that there is an overhead cost to start a business. Any business has an overhead. So instead of seeing opportunity they look at the cost and ongoing expenses.

Network marketers are seemingly cheap when it comes to their business because of this mindset. For example, their are tools out there that can compliment your network marketing company. This system is one of them. But when that person lacks entrepreneur intelligence they look at cost and how they can’t afford it, instead of how I can use this system, tool or resource but it back into my business and get a return on my investment. That is the difference. I explain a more in this video.

Video: Mindset of an Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

As an entrepreneur you look at an opportunity and where it will take you If you are stuck in the employee mindset it is just because you are lacking entrepreneur intelligence.

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