Are You An Entrepreneur Or Salesperson?

Jay Warren March 11, 2013

There are people out there who are in network marketing that want success but the mindset is not there yet. I’m going to share with you today the different mindset of an entrepreneur and a salesperson.

salespersonWhich one are you?

The difference between an entrepreneur and a salesperson IS the mindset. The mindset you have to have when you are out there prospecting is crucial because you it can determine your success. This will determine the type of people you will bring into your business and how long they will last.

A salesperson, when out there prospecting, they are looking for a sale. Sale to make their quota or autoship, whatever it is that sales person is trying to accomplish. When they make a transaction, they are done looking for the next sale dragging the wrong type of people into their business. I’m not knocking salespeople, I respect what they do but in network marketing there is more to it.

An entrepreneur, when prospecting is looking for a business partner. When they find that business partner they are looking for the next one and next one, and so on. Along the way they are making sales but their mindset is that they are looking for business partners and leaders. An entrepreneur wants to build a business in network marketing, looking to build an empire.

salespersonSalesperson and Entrepreneur mindset

Most sales people make a ton of money doing what they do and most are very good at what they do also. The mindset of a salesperson doesn’t duplicate. When your mindset is set to make quota then you won’t last long in network marketing. It is not duplicatable and that talent can take you so far. An entrepreneur mindset is different because their success is based on the other leaders that they bring into the business can duplicate. Entrepreneurs usually want more and look for those who want more as well.

Duplicate the mindset of your team if you want to be an entrepreneur. Have them looking for more business partners and people who want to change their lives. It is just a shift in the mindset and as entrepreneurs you will not only makes sales but you will impact and change peoples lives.

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